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TheBest Cricket Game Everis different to othercricket gamesavailable for your phone.Our game is all about strategy, and

Best Cricket Game Ever
is different to other
cricket games
available for your phone.
Our game is all about strategy, and building your innings carefully to maximise your chances of winning.
You will play the Best
Cricket Games
Ever time and time again, with nail biting finishes and nervous excitement as you try to win.
It is the most strategic
cricket game
you can play on your phone.
To bat, you first select the ‘mood’ you want your batter to be in – Defensive, Attacking, Looking for Gaps, or Over The Top.
You have to be careful in your ‘mood’ selection by taking into account a number of factors:
* The Pitch Type – There are 3 different types of pitches : a batting pitch, a bowling pitch, and an average pitch.
On good batting pitches, your mood should usually be ‘Attacking’ or ‘Over the Top’.
On good bowling pitches, your mood should mainly be ‘Gaps’ and ‘Attacking’.
On an average pitch, mainly stick with ‘Attacking’.
* Player Ratings – If your batter has a higher rating than the bowler, your mood should mainly be ‘Attacking’ or ‘Over the Top’.
If the bowler has a higher rating than your batter, you should mainly choose a ‘Gaps’ or ‘Attacking’ mood.
The higher your rating, the more aggressive you should be – and vice versa.
* Game Situation
o Target the right bowlers.
Try and see out the good bowlers, and wait for the weaker bowlers to come on to go on the attack
o If you have a weak batter in, consider Defensive and Gap shots to get the stronger batter on strike
o Keep an eye on the run rate.
You’ll want about 15-16 runs per over on a good batting wicket, 12-13 on an average pitch, and 8-9 on a bowling wicket.
To hit the ball, all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen at the right time (which is just before the ball gets to the batter).
But strategy plays a part here too, because you can upgrade or downgrade your shot if you’re able to pick up the line and length of the delivery.
To upgrade your shot (eg from ‘Attacking’ to ‘Over The Top’) tap near the boundary to hit the ball.
To downgrade your shot (eg from ‘Attacking’ to ‘Gaps’), tap near the pitch.
To maintain your mood, tap anywhere else to hit the ball.
You should upgrade or downgrade if you can pick up on the line and length, and your reflexes are good enough.
Anything on the leg side is worth upgrading.
There are 5 delivery lengths – full toss, yorker, half volley, good length, and short.
Always upgrade for a full toss or half volley.
Maybe downgrade if you have a weak batter and you see an inswinging yorker coming!
Think about
real cricket
, and how real players change their strategies depending on how strong they are compared to their opponent.
You need to pick the right strategies if you want to be successful in this
cricket game
When bowling, you can bowl fast balls, slow balls, inswingers, outswingers, doosra’s, wrong’uns, etc with a tilt of your phone.
Again, think of
real cricket
Inswinging yorkers and good length outswingers will give you more chance of getting a wicket.
Half volleys and full tosses will get punished.
But the game has a random element too – the ball won’t always go where you want it to – just like in
real cricket
You can also field the ball in this game.
It is simple, but challenging.
If the ball is going for four, or there’s a catch, you have one chance to tap the screen at the right time (just before it gets to the fielder) to field it.
It takes a bit of time to get the hang of our
cricket game
You will start to enjoy our
cricket game
the more you play and the better you get at it.

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